Logo Camarote Caras - 30 anos - Hans Donner
Camarote Caras Sapucai – Fotógrafos: Selmy Yassuda; George Magaraia

Known worldwide as the catwalk for the greatest show on Earth, in 2023 Marquês de Sapucaí (RJ) was also the scene of another historic moment: the opening of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of CARAS in Brazil.


The occasion was marked by the return of the iconic Camarote de CARAS to the Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome. With 500 m² of space completely turned towards the parade, it occupied the most noble point of the avenue – in the middle of sector 2, close to the first setback of the battery. Through an immersive experience on LED panels, the 600 daily VIP guests revisited the brand’s successful trajectory, while enjoying maximum comfort: round trip transfer, open bar/food, air conditioning, DJ during breaks and exclusive restrooms.

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In Camarote CARAS 2023, there was also the official launch of the new visual identity that seals the digital turn of the brand, stamping the extensive calendar of events that the brand prepared to celebrate its 30 years – among them, CARAS Amazônia, Ilha de CARAS in Angra dos Reis (RJ) and the Masked Ball by CARAS at Palácio Tangará (SP).


The new identity comes with the weight of the name of the person who created it: designer Hans Donner, internationally renowned for his work at Globo. “I left a world that reached 100 million people daily on TV and now I’m leaving for a digital universe with even greater reach potential”, vibrates Hans, celebrating the brand’s digital reinvention.

“New times call for adaptations. Currently, CARAS has 20 million unique users and 75 million monthly views. There are 6.7 million followers on Instagram, 418 thousand on Twitter and 364 thousand on Youtube”, contextualizes Luís Maluf, general director from CARAS.

The repercussion of such impressive numbers is reflected in sponsors and partnerships. That’s why Camarote Caras 30 Anos has Chevrolet, Intimissimi, Calzedonia, Construtora Poti, Frescatto, Eco Flame, Larios Gin, The LED, Fotona, Victor Hugo, Hotel LSH, Hotel Radson, MMG Digital, Câmara 2 Vídeo Filmes, Filmes & Entertainment.


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