Mithila Palkar is a promising young actor who has acted in films like Karwaan and is popular as Kavya in Little Things.

Photo Credit: Mithila Palkar/Instagram

The actor’s aura spills simplicity and her home is an extension of her personality.

The reflective marble flooring is beige in colour and is against a dark wooden translucent wardrobe.

As for the living room, aesthetic furniture pieces in dark teak wood highlight the space. Adding to the classy touch, there is a vintage swing too.

Photo Credit: Mithali Palkar/Instagram

There is also a classic, old-school pattern with a coffee table in the corner. The wall is adorned by a bright yellow scenic painting which brightens the room.

Lastly, the apartment also has huge window openings with a classic grill that allows for good ventilation and sunlight to come in.