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Mandira Bedi: “My Children Are My Greatest Motivation”


Mandira Bedi lost her filmmaker spouse Raj Kaushal in June. Since then, the actor-TV presenter’s entire focus is on being a good parent to her two children, son Vir (10) and daughter Tara (5), as she told a news agency.

Photo credit: Instagram/@mandirabedi.

“My motivation to keep working, striving and doing better… My greatest motivation is my children. Everything I do, I do for them. They are my reason to carry on, my reason to live, to do better, to be better. They are the reason that I have courage, strength, the reason for me to earn. I need to be a good parent for them”Mandira Bedi

Photo credit: Instagram/@mandirabedi.

“You learn more from your failures than you do from success. The downs give you perspective in life, that’s the way I look at challenges. I have had a lot that I have faced in my life and there is always growth and learning from them”Mandira Bedi

Photo credit: Instagram/@mandirabedi.