Priyanka Chopra's restaurant in New York
Priyanka Chopra’s restaurant in New York

Priyanka Chopra made headlines last month with the opening of her new restaurant in New York’s Flat Iron district along with old friend and Manhattan entrepreneur Maneesh Goyal.


When asked, Maneesh said there were no good Indian restaurants in New York that could offer your taste buds the satisfaction of eating delicious Indian cuisine. If at all, there were a few late night dhabas and hole-in-the-wall food joints.

“With a shared creative vision and love for food, he asked Chopra to be his restaurant partner and the rest, as they say, is history “

Maneesh Goyal

The name ‘Sona’ was Nick Jonas’s idea. He had picked up the meaning of this word at his wedding in India. Goyal shared that they were quick to contact their attorneys to make sure they could use the name.

“By the end of that night, we had already emailed the trademark attorneys!”

Maneesh Goyal

As a result of their meeting, construction of the restaurant began in September 2019, with a one year delay due to the pandemic, the restaurant is finally open to all since 27th March. And oh yes of course, reservation requests have been pouring in ever since! Check out the pictures:

Sona Restaurant in New York’s flatiron district. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork
Authentic Indian Cuisine. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork
Inside of the restaurant. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork
Delicious food and drinks for customers. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork
Seating area at Sona. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork
Creative cooking is a part of their dishes. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork
The bar at Sona. Photo Credit: Instagram/sonanewyork