Anushka Sharma skin glow

Want to know the secret behind Anushka Sharma‘s glowing skin? We break down all her skin care routine steps for you:


Pre makeup massage:

Anushka usually goes for a facial massage before her makeup. A facial massage increases circulation, which oxygenates the tissue and gives you a healthy glow.


The actress believes in cleansing the skin with natural ingredients. “Mashed banana is very good for your face and is a great cleanser” she says. 

Moisturizing and Sunscreen:

A moisturizer and a sunscreen are the two things without which Anushka never steps out.  

Anushka in the sun. Photo credit: Instagram/@anushkasharma


It’s important to detoxify your skin. According to Anushka, a neem face pack is the best for rejuvenating your skin. 

Anushka smooth skin. Photo credit: Instagram/@anushkasharma

Night care routine:

Having a night care routine is great for your skin. The actress reveals that she uses coconut oil for her skin at night.