Neha Kakkar got married to the love of her life Rohanpreet Singh last year. Since then, she has been constantly hitting headlines for her rumored pregnancy. Putting all speculations to rest, the Bollywood singer finally spoke about the rumors. And she did it in a recent video featuring all her family.


The video is on Neha’s YouTube channel. And shows her entire family talking about the reactions they faced from people over Neha’s pregnancy. At the beginning of the clip, Neha’s brother and singer Tony Kakkar buys a whole bunch of presents at a toy store. The video then transitions to Rohanpreets’s mother calling him. She scolds him for not informing her about the pregnancy.

Cut to the family sharing various hilarious reactions of people to the pregnancy news. Neha tells about a flight attendant that asked her if she was pregnant. Rohanpreet said that he got angry calls from his friends. Because they were unhappy thinking that he hid it from them.

Neha also talks about the trolling that she had to face last year, post-marriage as people thought she was pregnant within two months after de wedding. The star says that she and Rohanpreet laughed it out when they read reports of them getting married because of the pregnancy.

Finally, the singer clarifies: “I admit that I have gained some weight around my tummy but not so much to look pregnant! I can be a little healthy right now, I am just a little chubby, that does not mean I am pregnant”.