Salman Khan, was recently bitten by a non-venomous snake at his farmhouse in Panvel, a day before his birthday.

Photo Credit: Salman Khan/ Instagram

The actor stepped out for a photo-op session with the paparazzi, who had gathered outside his Panvel farmhouse after hearing the news. While posing for pictures, Salman said “A snake had entered a room in my farmhouse and the children got scarecd. So I took it outside using a stick. Gradually it reached onto my hand. I then grabbed it with my other hand to release it. When our staff saw the snake, they thought it was poisonous and due to the commotion that followed, the snake bit me not once but thrice,” reports news agencies.

Salman was taken to a hospital at Kamothe in and was discharged on Sunday morning. “Then we went to the hospital, carried the snake along carefully and there we found that it was non-venomous. Still, I was hospitalised for 6 hours and have been injected with all kinds of anti-venom. I am fine now,” ANI quoted Salman.