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Zoya Akhtar’s Vintage House


A home is somewhere our comfort is. It has seen so many stories and memories that it lives through the years. Such is Zoya Akhtar‘s vintage abode, facing the Arabian sea.

Photo credit: Instagram/@zoieakhtar.

Zoya’s house is ruled by three prominent colors white, brown and yellow. The walls are all white because Zoya belives that the color comes in with different elements of textiles and art.

Photo credit: Instagram/@zoieakhtar.

Her living room has a huge wooden carved painting which wasn’t chosen until it felt right. What makes the house all the more dreamy is the breathtaking sea-facing view.

“I grew up on the sea, it’s a big part of my life, what I am. the sound is a big part of my life”Zoya Akhtar

Zoya doesn’t call the home ‘her own’ truly. She says: “The house has seen a lot of artists, seen parties, poetry readings, muscians and has been through a lot of things… But the soul of the house is inherited”

Photo credit: Instagram/@zoieakhtar.

There is a study room where Zoya keeps her favorite books, lots of them being cookbooks and filmmaking. She likes her bedroom only to sleep, and calls it her sleep ‘sancton’.

Photo credit: Instagram/@zoieakhtar.

The living room has 1950s aviator chairs mixed with metal, leather and wood. Zoya also takes the viewers through her ‘comfot zone’. The comfort zone is where all the reading, writing and movie writing happens. She also calls herself a hoader as she has tonnes of DVDs in her collection.

Photo credit: Instagram/@zoieakhtar.

There is also a map to give her perspective time and again. “You are just a tiny dot”, she says pointing a small dot in the map.

Photo credit: Instagram/@zoieakhtar.

The home also has an open green space, where friends and family hangout.

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