Arbaaz Khan is very calm about the reality of working as an actor in Bollywood when you have a superstar brother (Salman Khan). Contrary to what you might think, he never felt a disadvantage in this. In conversation with Pinkvilla, Arbaaz stated that he may not have achieved the star status of a Salman Khan. But that he is on his way and enjoys what he does.

Photo credit: Instagram/@arbaazkhanofficial.

“I chose this profession. It wasn’t imposed on me. And it’s not even my business to worry about what people think in terms of comparisons. I’m fighting my own wars, I have my own journey.”

Arbaaz Khan

Salim Khan’s son and Salman’s brother, Arbaaz also said that it is shameful when a person uses the family’s success to justify any frustrations in their own career.

Photo credit: Instagram/@arbaazkhanofficial.

“If someone can’t, it’s very easy to turn around and say that a small tree can’t bloom under a big tree. I would never want to use that as an excuse that ‘I couldn’t because my brother was such a big star and expectations were very tall, and if I hadn’t been your brother, it would have been different'”

Arbaaz Kha