Lara Dutta was surprised when she found a fake profile made in her name on a dating app recently. The discovery upset the 43-year-old former Miss Universe actress. After all, she is married to tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi, and they have a girl named Saira. To clarify the situation, she decided to share a video on Instagram.


“I am not on any dating app, have never been and I am not on anyone right now either”

Lara Dutta
Photo credit: Instagram/@larabhupathi.

Lara Dutta said, “Not that I have anything against dating apps, I think it’s an absolutely fantastic way for people to connect and meet each other. I have no issues with dating apps but I am personally not on any dating app at the moment guys so for all the memes that are doing the rounds out there, I’m very amused to see most of them but there’s not much truth in them.”