Bollywood and Hollywood met on Varun Dhawan‘s Instagram for a fun interview. The indian star had a chat with american actor Chris Pratt about the release of his movie The Tomorrow War, which has just premiered on Amazon Prime Video. They talked, of course, about cinema. But also about life and even in-laws. When it came to music, Varun showed Chris some Bollywood songs. When he heard the chorus of Judwaa’s famous song Tan Tana Tan, Chris caught the rhythm and danced to the beat.


Chris also said that he would love to star in a Bollywood movie. He added that he has plans to visit India, to get to know the country’s many cultures.

“I’d be absolutely love to visit India. So many different cultures and people! I would love to explore this. Maybe I can visit with Varun showing me around”

Chris Pratt

On his Instagram, Chris Pratt celebrated the fact that The Tomorrow War was his first executive producer credit on a feature film. “Boy, we rocked this movie and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so original, scary, moving, funny and visually stunning”, he wrote. And even guaranteed that it’s the best movie we’ll see this year. “I promise. Humbly, this is the one,” he joked.