Karishma Kapoor

We have been in a pandemic for about about a year and a half now. More than ever, we know how important it is to take care of our health and well being owing to the restrictions we face in our everyday life. Like they say, if you’re healthy you’re happy. That’s why we have brought you some health and wellness tips straight from Karisma Kapoor‘s feed.


Karisma is a chai lover just like most of us. For example, she often enjoys a cup of green tea in her balcony to stay positive.

Photo credit: Instagram/@therealkarismakapoor.

Hygiene Talk

Karisma is a hygiene adept, be it for her ownself or her veggies. She has fun cleaning tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, green beans and everything else, while playing with them.

Working Out at Home

The actress believes in ‘burning those extra calories’. She loves to workout at her home. She also has fun while having yoga with her adorable little doggo.

Photo credit: Instagram/@therealkarismakapoor.
Photo credit: Instagram/@therealkarismakapoor.

The ‘Period’ Talk

Karisma is also bold and open. She promoted the #ItsJustAPeriod on her instagram. “I protect my daughter Samaira and do everything to make sure she is equipped to handle whatever life has to throw at her. Than, that includes her first period. Recently, I was made aware that 15 million girls get their first period every year in India, and a lot of them have no clue what is happening to them.”

Photo credit: Instagram/@therealkarismakapoor.

Breakfast is the key

Karisma loves to have healthy food to break-her-fast. Her “Monday morning breakfast attempt ” includes, of course, idli sambhar and chutney.

Photo credit: Instagram/@therealkarismakapoor.